I Freaked Out, But This Value Kept Me Going

I’ve been having a crazy morning.

I got up and pretty much once I was done with brushing my teeth, I went into full on panic attack mode.

I was thinking about how difficult business was. And how difficult it is to make sales. And about the bills I have to pay. And the fact that my baby girl is growing up – fast! (and that I need to make money for school fees and all that)

All of that stuff – it can get depressing really fast. And that’s when I had a panic attack.

After I calmed down a bit, I went back to basics and started reasoning why I was doing what I was doing.

And the answer was: I wanted to be true to myself.

Do you know how many people are SUFFERING everyday, without being true to themselves? You and I both know that’s not a small number.

And you and I both know that it’s a big problem.

And you and I both know that there’s a way to fix this.

Read on.


  • You agree to whatever demands others place on you
    • You agree to stuff even if…
      • It’s not your job
      • It’s not right for you
      • It’s not what you want
      • It’s not your fault
      • You don’t want to do it
      • You’re not comfortable
    • You’re stressed out all the time
  • You put on masks just so that…
    • Others like you
    • You can be accepted
    • You can fit in
    • You don’t hurt other people’s feelings
  • You are often treated like a doormat
    • People abuse your generosity
    • You rarely get what you want
    • You’re unhappy that you can’t be your fullest self


  • You place other people’s needs before your own
    • You mould yourself excessively to suit their needs
  • You sacrifice
    • Your happiness
    • Your ethics
    • Your values
    • Whatever’s important to you
  • Deeper reason
    • You don’t know what you want
    • Your sense of self worth is low
    • You’re unable to communicate what you want


  • Know who you are
    • Know what’s important to you
    • Know how you make decisions
    • Know your priorities
    • Know what you will compromise on
    • Know what things are non-negotiable
    • Know where your boundaries lie
  • Stay true to who you are
    • Act in accordance to your decisions
    • Practice being assertive
      • Assertive = standing up for yourself
      • Assertive ≠ Being rude
    • Understand that those who care about you and those who value you will respect your decision


  • You will achieve high levels of Congruence
    • Congruence = Overlap between who you see yourself as and who the world sees you as
  • Inner peace
    • There’s no disconnect between what you want and what you get
    • Authenticity is liberating
    • Authenticity automatically distances you from people who’re not a good fit

Your Turn

  • Identify
    • What’s important to you
    • Your decision making process
    • Your priorities
    • What you’re willing to compromise on
    • What’s non-negotiable
    • Where your boundaries lie
  • Use your discoveries
    • In making decisions
    • While interacting with people
    • To think of your future

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