One Lesson About Life I Learned After Binge Watching Japanese Anime

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Last night, I started watching this Japanese anime series called Haikyu!! It’s all about volleyball. I kinda liked it.. and I ended up bingewatching almost 8 hours worth of stuff. Same thing happened with me when I was watching Peaky Blinders too.

And that got me thinking… what is it that keeps us so.. ‘hooked’.

I don’t have a solid answer for that, but it made me think about how I felt AFTER I broke out of my stupor. And I realize – that’s something that affects ALL of us – and it’s one of the Biggest Career Mistakes To Avoid #10: Living in a Blur.

Want to know how to fix it? Read on!


Suddenly wake up to a bad scene

  • Feeling clueless
    • Ummm… what’s next?
  • Feeling stuck
    • Nothing I try is working!
  • Feeling trapped
    • How did I get here?
  • Feeling lost
    • Not sure of what to do next

Feel like you have no control over your life/career

  • Accept projects that you don’t want
  • Find yourself committees that you don’t want to be a part of
  • Working late
  • Working on weekends
  • Getting shouted at


You’re not in the moment

  • Living elsewhere
    • Past
    • Present, but somewhere else
      • Distractions
      • Emotions
        • Worry
        • Hope
        • Fear
    • Future

You’re not living with intention

  • You’re floating on the river of life with the rubber duck of ‘meh’.
  • Others make the decisions for you
    • People
      • Man vs. Man
    • Environment
      • Man vs. Nature
    • “Conditioning”
      • Man vs. Himself


To be in the moment, shake things up…

  • Do things with your non-dominant hand
    • Forces you to think about what you’re doing
  • Use a repeat reminder
    • Phone apps
      • Hourly reminders
      • Stretch reminders
    • Anchor it to specific actions
      • Drinking water
      • Going to the loo
      • Answering the phone
      • Opening email
  • Snap a rubber band on your wrist

To live with intention…

  • Improve your decision making process
    • Is this what “I” want?
    • Am “I” taking the decision?
      • Am I hormonal?
      • Am I being influenced?
      • Is this in line with my best interests?


Decision making improves

  • You are the one making the decision
  • You choose the one that’s best for you

You’re taking responsibility

  • You know how you got here
    • And how to fix it
  • You are in control

You’re controlling your own future

  • You’re working towards what you want
  • You can shape it any way you want

Your Turn

Set up systems to help you live in the moment

  • Apps
  • Rubber Band
  • Anchoring habits

Keep a daily log of your progress

  • Journal will help
  • Identify gaps and tweak it accordingly

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