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Hey Macha!

Long day man. Been looking forward to the end of the week.
Tomorrow, I get to spend some time preparing for my Dungeons & Dragons game on Sunday. Apart from that, I’ll be reviewing the habits ebook that’s going into the 30 Epic Career Upgrades course.

Good times.

After yesterday’s webinar, I’ve been thinking about the approach I’ve been taking to make sales and move ahead. There’s a bit of a disconnect somewhere. It’s been brewing for a while – and I’ve learned to pay attention to those things, y’know?

I feel that the current approach I’ve been taking – run ads, get people into the webinar, teach them and sell them stuff – that’s not working as well as I’d like. So, I’m gonna run some more experiments. In fact, I ran an experiment in yesterday’s webinar where, of all things, I decided to swear a lot.

Bad call.

Anyway, I’m gonna be merging some of the stuff I learned from different areas – cult building, coaching, working in advertising – and make some pivots to my approach.

I’ll keep you posted about the developments.

And, I wasn’t too sure if I had shared this with you earlier, but I wanted to share one idea that has really helped me cope/thrive in this crazy world: my secret to doing stuff that other people deem impossible.

Macha‚Ķ I’ll tell you. It’s not that crazy or impossible to do the impossible. All you gotta do is find something that others cannot do or will not do – and stick to it. Sticking to things is easy enough, if you know how to do it. The trick lies in finding stuff that is new/nascent/untouched/ripe.

You see what I mean?

Another way of putting it is: If you want to be world class at something and want to be recognized for it – build the future you want and wait for others to catch up.

Yeah, that’s gonna take some thinking to understand and wrap your head around it. But, once you get it, you’re gonna be set.

At least with the first half of the problem. As for the second – the habits piece, you need work on that. If you’re looking for some help on that front, I’ve got an ebook that’s a part of the entire package I’m selling – 30 Epic Career Upgrades.

You can check out the details for that here:

Anyway, keep your nose clean. I’ll write you something again tomorrow – and I’m hoping to draw something as well!

For now, this is Arvindh saying over and out.

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