Loser Loser Chicken Loser

Till last night, I was too chicken to realize that I could be offering all of my content to companies and their training departments – but I was scared of doing business development.

I was scared of picking up the phone and pitching to people.

I was scared of rejection.

I was scared of failure.

Being blind to fear and not facing it (for whatever reason) – is something that can cripple you and hold you back.

I got lucky and started fixing it. And if you want to know how…. read on.


  • We seem to hit a local maxima
    • There seems to be something holding us back
  • There’s an invisible barrier we can’t get through
    • We try different techniques to bypass
    • It seems to be ineffective
  • We avoid certain projects/tasks
    • We make excuses
    • We procrastinate without reason
  • We are scared of some things
    • This stops us from trying
    • We never reach our full potential


  • We have two types of fear
    • Definite
      • Public Speaking
        • What if I’m judged and people laugh at me?
      • Doing Taxes
        • What if I do it wrong?
      • Doing bubble sort
        • How is this code supposed to work?
      • Making reports
        • This is so boring!
    • Formless
      • Can’t put our fingers on it
        • Like Boggarts in Harry Potter
        • Takes the form of the worst possible outcomes
        • Always cloud like
      • Multiplies and grows
        • Like an evil mitosis
        • Can’t pin it down
        • Can’t contain it
      • It’s familiar to you as a “feeling”
        • A pit in your stomach
        • Feeling hunted
        • Short of breath
        • Sweating
        • Blanking out
        • Dry throat


  • Find ways to…
    • Recognise your fear
      • Trying to describe it by writing it down helps put it into perspective
        • I call it the Paper Trap
        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLWlNq7leTk
    • Cope with your fear
      • Take time out to define the WORST CASE scenario
        • Usually, it’s not as scary as we think
        • It may be a price we’re willing to pay
    • Deal with your fear
      • Find help
        • Religion
        • Spirituality
        • Counselling
        • Therapy
    • Work around your fear
      • Don’t avoid it
      • Recognize its presence
      • Figure out how to go ahead
        • Courage is not the absence of fear. It is about going ahead despite it.


  • Able to go ahead
    • We know many paths to the same destination
    • We are freed from our shackles
  • Not crippled or stymied
    • We are aware of what’s holding us back
    • We know how to bypass our shortcomings & fears
  • New avenues open up
    • Freedom gives us new angles to look at situations
    • New perspectives reveal new opportunities
  • New opportunities are available
    • New ways for us to grow
    • New ways for us to reinvent and transform ourselves

Your Turn

  • Identify your biggest fears
    • Think about how they’re holding them back
  • Decide how you want to process it
    • Face it
    • Cure it
    • Work around it
  • Get help
    • Find your allies and work with them

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