When sun Tzu cried

Instead of a full fledged story, I thought I’d try a cartoon strip today. Inspired by my first boss. The called him leader back then.


So, how do you fix it? Read on.


  • Put in a position of leadership
    • Unable to…
      • Get people to listen
      • Get people to take action
      • Do the right things
      • Communicate properly
      • Make a difference
    • Not ready to handle the job
      • Emotionally
      • Lack of skill
      • Lack of experience
  • Weak relationships
    • Struggle with
      • Negotiation
      • Listening
      • Conflict Management
      • Understanding
      • Self awareness
      • Communication
      • Changing people’s minds
      • Confidence


  • Never learned the art of leadership
    • Formal education
      • Train employees
      • Make people who fit in
    • Informal education
      • Not reliable
      • Not consistent
  • Leadership has many components
    • Motivation
      • How to get people to take action
    • Power
      • Authority
    • Strategy
      • The best way to do things
    • Problem Solving
      • How to get out of sticky situations
    • Communication
      • How to share your ideas and thoughts
    • Knowledge
      • Useful information
    • Charisma
      • How to influence people
  • It’s experience
    • Gained AFTER we need it
    • There’s no easy way to get it in advance
  • Don’t have a place/avenue to practice
    • Sweat in training
    • Don’t bleed in battle
    • Need a place to practice and learn – without having serious repercussions


  • Need to learn
    • Leadership
      • How to be in command
    • Motivation
      • How to get people to do stuff
    • Power Dynamics
      • How power works
    • Problem Solving
      • How to be creative
      • How to solve problems
      • How to work with complexity
      • How to work with systems with moving parts
    • Discover your own leadership style
      • What kind of a leader are you?
        • Autocratic
        • Laissez-Faire
        • Transformational
        • Transactional
        • Bureaucratic
        • Democratic
        • Situational
        • Servant
        • Charismatic
    • Wisdom of the ages
      • What the ancients have to say
  • Need to practice
    • In a safe environment
      • Shouldn’t lose heart, hope or opportunities due to failure
    • Get feedback
      • Need to learn what worked and what didn’t
    • Get mentorship
      • Need someone who’s done that before so that you can learn well
    • Experiment with what works and what doesn’t
      • Need to discover what works for you


  • You know what to do in positions of leadership
    • How to make decisions
    • How to lead people
    • How to motivate people
    • How to handle problems
  • You know the dynamic between responsibility and power
    • With great power comes great responsibility
    • If you want great power, take great responsibility
    • Power ≠ Freedom
    • Power affects the way you think

Your Turn

  • Actively seek out safe environments for you to practice leadership
    • Be prepared to fail
    • Learn from your mistakes
    • Get a mentor
    • Toastmasters has worked for me
  • Read books on leadership
    • Ashlee Vance
      • Elon Musk
        • How a great leader thinks
    • Richard Branson
      • Screw it, Let’s do it
        • How a great leader thinks
    • Sun Tzu
      • Art of War
        • Strategy education
    • Chanakya
      • Chanakya Neeti
        • Strategy education
    • Noam Chomsky
      • Manufacturing Consent
        • Information management
    • Simon Sinek
      • Start with Why
        • Motivation
      • Leaders Eat Last
        • Leadership
    • Daniel Pink
      • Drive
        • Motivation
    • Robert Greene
      • 48 Laws of Power
        • Strategy education
    • fs.blog
      • Mental Models
        • Skillset

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