The Mafia’s (and Peaky Blinders’!) Lesson For Staying Competitive


Yesterday, as a part of my binge watching spree, I switched over to Peaky Blinders.

Lovely show. Every time I watch it, I want to strut about the house as if I own the place. In the episode I watched, there was an… interesting turn of events: The Peaky Blinders get served the Black Hand by the Italian Mafia.

Plot details aside, something suddely opened up in my head: The Peaky Blinders had work that was done internationally, right? I mean.. they had alluded to it earlier – but only now it became real. They had international operations – and that means, they had international competition.

Of course, the rest of the series is just soooo delectable that I can’t wait to watch more, this aha! moment is quite important.

We are all like the Peaky Blinders. Like the Mafia.

We gotta protect our own turf.

And if we think that we’re safe in our own little ponds – and that nobody’s gonna come to snatch it away, we’d be making Biggest Career Mistakes To Avoid #11/101: Believing that we’re competing in a small pond.

Want to fix it – and get a solid mindmap to help you out, along with immediate actions you can take?

Read on.


  • You think you’re the best in your company
    • You feel it’s a great thing
  • When you try to find a new job/opportunity
    • Things are not as easy as it seems
    • Lots of competition
    • Companies don’t call back
  • Stuck in a vicious circle
    • Things go from bad to worse
    • Unable to break free
    • Each failure reinforces/triggers the cycle again


  • Your scope is local
    • Always thinking about your immediate surroundings
    • Easy to lose track
  • Your perception is limited
    • Difficult to break free from where you are at the moment
    • You have your blinders on
  • You don’t care about or are unaware of the world beyond your company
    • Things closer to us seem more important
    • We are not familiar with how the rest of the world works
  • You believe “Best in Company” = “Best in World”
    • Kinda true. The company is your world now
    • Competition comes from anywhere
      • Especially with remote jobs


  • Expand your horizons
    • Think beyond…
      • The Team
      • The Project
      • The Company
    • Meet new people
      • Different clubs
      • Meetup groups
      • Online
      • Conferences
    • Compete against yourself
      • Set new goals
      • Try new experiments
      • Push boundaries
    • Build a brain trust
      • Likeminded people
      • Friendly Rivals
      • Help each other in times of need


  • You have an informed picture
    • Know where you stand
    • Accurate benchmarks
    • Know where’s the competition
    • Know which way to develop
  • Right mindset
    • Anything can be competition
    • Competition can come from anywhere
    • You have to play the right game
    • Not caught unawares

Your Turn

  • Try to connect with three strangers in your own field
    • Attend clubs
    • Join meetups
    • Connect on social network
    • Ask friends to introduce
  • Look at what’s considered “World Class” in your industry
    • Identify the gap between you and that standard
    • How can you plug this gap?
    • Who can help you?
    • What can you add to this?

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