How My Ultimate Excuse To Not Go To The Gym Can Save Your Career

In 2019, I made 365 videos in 365 days, experimenting with two approaches to content creation. I found the bit that works for me – and I also discovered a technique that you can use to make sure that you make consistent, daily progress towards your goal.

The most basic technique focuses on the concept of psychological momentum – and how you can use it to your advantage. There are more advanced techniques that you can find in the 30 E.P.I.C Career Upgrades course.

If you’re looking for a way to make sure you can achieve what you set out to do, read on.


You keep working on yourself every day

  • After a while, you slack off a bit
    • Overconfidence
    • Complacency
    • Hard work deserves a break!
    • Not seeing results
  • The slack/gap grows
    • Like mold. Or body fat. Or plaque on your teeth
      • Creeps up slowly
      • Takes hold strongly
      • Quite difficult to revert to original state
  • Eventually, you end up taking breaks
    • Small breaks in the beginning
    • Breaks grow
      • In size
      • In number
      • In intensity
    • And pretty soon, you’ve given up entirely
      • You start regressing
      • Good habit lost
      • Hard work lost


Transformation is not easy

  • Not because the things you have to do is difficult
    • The tasks are not the problem
      • You know what to do
      • You know how to do it
      • You know why you should do it
    • They are within your skill level and capabilities
  • Because you have to show up every day and work
    • You have to do stuff that’s against your nature
    • You have to consciously choose more resistance
    • You have to go against your default nature
    • You have to do things that are not ‘immediately rewarding’
  • And this can be lonely!
    • You may be the only around who’s doing all this
      • Join our community!
    • Others are on Netflix/Videogames/Movies

Taking a break

  • Has many good arguments
    • Is easy
    • Is welcome
    • Seems logical
    • Lots of literature on the internet of a ‘well deserved break’
  • Counterpoints
    • Loss of momentum
      • Once you start, you build up momentum
        • But it can drop easily
      • Once it drops to zero…
        • It’s tough to restart
        • There’s added ‘mental load’ of failure
    • The Resistance at Work
      • Idea from War of Art by Steven Pressfield
      • The Resistance = The force that’s stopping us from being the best we can be
      • The Resistance comes in many forms
        • Has one objective: Stop you from working


Non-Zero Days

  • From Reddit
  • Some days you will not feel like it
    • Do lesser amounts
    • Not ready to even do a lesser amount?
      • Just touch the tools you’re using
  • Example: Cycling
    • I love cycling
      • Every morning
      • Two hours
    • Overcast day
      • Want to sleep in
      • Only do 60 minutes
      • Don’t feel like that also?
        • Just go downstairs and touch the cycle
  • Key Idea
    • Progress is a vector
      • Direction
        • You want to go in the right direction
      • Intensity of Effort
        • It doesn’t matter if you don’t go too far
        • Small steps matter

Your Turn

Identify one transformation journey you are on

  • Look at E.P.I.C Transformations for guidance
  • Use the E.P.I.C Transformation Map to know where you are on your journey

Break down your journey into its smallest actions/parts

Whatever is the next step

  • Even if you don’t feel like it
    • Practice Non-Zero Days

If you’re looking for skills to develop to set yourself apart

  • 30 E.P.I.C Career Upgrades
  • Also get a community to be a part of!


You make consistent progress

  • Over time, leads to transformations that stick
  • Yields exponential results in the future

You maintain your streak

  • The longer the chain of successes (non-zero days), more precious it becomes
  • You get extra motivation because you don’t want to break your streak

You manage to push through your ups and downs

  • That’s what a professional does
  • Show up every day – whether you like it or not

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