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HAve a Mentor?


You love them, or you hate them - but you can't live without them.

No. Not your better half. I'm talking about your mentor.

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The Race of Snails


Macha... this is the thing da. We keep looking at stuff in small, incremental improvements. We live our entire life like snails - moving forward inch by inch. And we look at other snails around and feel proud.

That's idiotic.

Instead, we can be the sleek and majestic panther - streaking ahead like a shadow in the night.

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Accelerated Practical Education


What happens when you put your own money on the line to learn something new? What happens when it's no longer your client's budget, but your own rent money that goes towards something that may or may not work?

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The Magic In The Middle


For the longest time, I've struggled with drawing. I've had a mental block that says I can't draw. My drawings were 'flat' and boring. However, at the intersection of my love for Dungeons & Dragons and wanting to tinker around with a graphics tablet to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, I ended up studying, of all things, cartography.

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Astrological Awesomeness


Do you know what's the cutest thing ever? Watching your parents study astrology. And then fighting to be the teacher's pet.

I saw that happen yesterday - and there's a lesson for you in that too.

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The Might of Choice


There are two ways that choice cripples us. One is by its absence and the other by its abundance. I saw both happen in my Dungeons & Dragons game that I was running today.

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The New Normal


Yesterday, there was a lot of change in my life, causing me to mope around like a two year old after a sugar crash. This morning, I'm fine. And that mood swing highlighted the two ingredients you need to succeed nowadays.

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It’s working!


Yesterday was an interesting day for me. It was my first of four days I am taking off to take care of my mental health. I've turned off notifications on my phone, been grooving to Grammatik and just chilling.

And then, I remembered these messages that totally made my day.