Are You Floating On The River Of Life On A Rubber Duck of Meh?

Hey macha…

Look around you.

Look at your friends, colleagues, siblings, bosses and more.

You’d find two kinds of people:

First, you’d find those go getters – the people who really stand out. They’re the ones who always know what they want to do and what to do to go about it. The enthu cutlets.

And then, you’d find people who are floating on the river of life on the rubber duck of ‘meh…’

I was the second type of guy for the longest time.

I really didn’t care much about what happened in life. I didn’t have a goal or a care in the world. I just went with the flow.

Of course, if you know my story, you know that the success of my friends got me out of that groove. #jealousy

Now, the thing about jealousy is that it’s not a good fuel. You need something better. When I went about finding a better fuel, I learned a number of things.

These are the things I’m sharing with you in today’s mindmap: Biggest Career Mistakes To Avoid #5: Not Having A Personal Mission.

Read on.


  • Going with the flow
    • “Oh, yeah, cool… let’s do that.”
  • Changing targets/goals frequently
    • Shiny Object Syndrome
    • “This is newer/better/cooler…”
  • Feeling lost
    • “I don’t know where to go or what to do…”
  • Not having a sense of purpose
    • “I don’t know what to do in life…”
  • Not knowing where to go next
    • “Option A, B or C? Does it even matter?”
  • Not standing out in a crowd
    • “I’m special, unique and different – just like everybody else.”
  • No way of knowing if a decision is right or wrong
    • “Am I doing the right thing?”


  • Floating on the river of life on the rubber duck of “meh”
    • Circumstances and opportunities dictate what you do
    • Somebody/something else is choosing your path
  • Without a goal, any direction is fine
    • But, don’t confuse movement with progress
    • Doing something = Movement = Scalar
    • Doing the right thing = Progress = Vector


  • Set your own destination
    • Personal Mission
      • LIBIDO – Location Independent Business I Do
    • Problem you want to solve
      • People’s job security is fragile
    • Goal you want to achieve
      • Liberate a million millennials
      • Make enough money to support my family and business using online business
        • Ties into my deeper goal (the life I want to build for myself)
          • Become a voice actor
          • Become a location independent entrepreneur
          • Live in Japan as a local
          • Create my own fantasy universe
          • Become fit
          • Become a stand up comic
  • Make decisions based on your goal
    • Takes you closer to your goal?
      • Do it
    • Aligned with your mission?
      • Do it
    • It has no direct bearing on your mission?
      • Think hard before you do it
    • Takes you against your mission?
      • Don’t do it


  • You have a direction in life
    • You know what you are working towards
  • You know where you want to go
  • You’re not lost anymore
    • Progress is a vector
      • You have direction
      • You have intensity
    • Busywork is a scalar
      • You may get lucky
      • Usually, it’s busywork
  • You have a system for making decisions
    • There are other systems too
    • This is a good starting point

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