What To Do Before You Escape Your Job

It’s one of the fastest ways to get your career trajectory shoot upwards. Look at the attached mindmap to understand it!

This is what’s inside:

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Not having a side hustle


  • Your competition is doing stuff that’s ‘cutting edge’
    • You’re in a place where you can’t do much
  • Your market value is dropping/plummeting
    • Your skills are outdated
  • You’re at the top of what you do at your workplace, but the market has moved on
    • You’re trapped in a golden cage
  • Companies are not keen on hiring you
    • There are others who will do more/better for less


  • You’ve not kept up your skill building
    • Focused on maintaining the status quo
  • You’re not aware of/have hands on experience the latest developments in your field
    • Sometimes, things change REALLY fast
  • You don’t have a chance to try these new things out
    • It’s on your todo list
    • You’re waiting for permission
    • You want to make a ‘business case’


  • Build up a safe place for you to experiment
    • This is above and beyond what you do at work
  • Build up a sandbox where you can try other things out
    • Do this publicly
  • Have an environment where you can make mistakes and learn
    • Package these as projects


  • After a while…
    • You have a list of failures and successes to use for personal branding
      • You always learn something
    • You have hands on experience in the latest technologies/techniques/ideas
      • You can use these as reference points
    • You have a platform that can boost your visibility, authority and reputation
      • This is a powerful personal branding tool
    • You could have a following and a property that you can leverage for career growth
      • This could become your entire career one day

Your Turn

  • Go ahead and start your own side hustle/project
    • Have many ideas? Pick the one where you’re going to learn more
    • Choose the one that provides maximum opportunity for cross pollination
  • Choose a platform that works for you
    • Podcast
      • Can start with your smartphone
    • Blog
      • Can start with your smartphone
    • Open Source Project
      • Start one
      • Contribute to one
      • Doesn’t have to be tech
        • Common Voice by Mozilla
        • Librivox
    • YouTube Channel
      • Can start with your smartphone
    • Mission/Charity
      • Volunteer
      • Apply your skills to their organization
  • Figure out a mission/goal
    • Don’t think of it as a program
    • Projects have higher survival rates
  • Document your progress
    • Make it public
    • Hold yourself accountable

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