Wakhra Swag & The Secret To Keep Your Resume Up To Date


Hope you’re ok during this shitshow of a pandemic.

As for me, I’ve been cooped up at home, trying to make this business work – while handling consulting for some clients – and trying to launch a pretty cool app with some friends.

Money – well, it’s not as much as I was making in my day job, but I do have the freedom to do almost whatever I want during the day – as long as the work gets done.

And that’s why, in the past 3 months or so, I’ve explored:

Lately, Wakhra Swag has somehow wormed itself in my head and has led me to a number of interesting discoveries including Badshah, Guru Randhwa, Jasmin Walia and J Star.

I never thought I’d be writing those words, but here we are.

And that journey down the rabbit hole – it all began with that song – Wakhra Swag. It was the thing that really set me off on this journey – and to be honest, I’m happy I did it!

But, there’s something in this for you too.

You need to find your own Wakhra Swag. If not, you’d be committing Biggest Career Mistakes To Avoid #12/101: Not having stuff to update in your resume every three months #12.

Read on.


  • You’ve been in the job for a while
    • Have not updated anything in your resume
    • Looking deeper, you see there isn’t much to add
      • Your day to day stuff does not count
    • Over time, the curve flattens
      • Learning
      • Achievement
      • Excitement
  • At appraisal time, you face difficult questions
    • What have you done?
    • Where did the year go?
    • How do you stand out?
  • When it comes to job hunting…
    • You’re not unique
    • You are defined by the job had – NOT the work you had done


  • A straight line is not interesting
    • You need to shake things up
    • You need to show some deviation
  • You have been coasting
    • Not pushed yourself out of your comfort zone
    • You’ve been going with the flow
      • Not seeking out challenge
      • Taking path of least resistance
    • You’ve not done anything new
      • Only your daily job doesn’t count


  • Periodic Chaos Injections
    • Upsetting your ‘default steady state’ with intention
      • Dependable way to cause mutations
        • And drive self discovery
      • Some mutations can stick
        • Some won’t
      • Those that do can be beneficial
        • Like developing superpowers
    • By doing something that you normally don’t do
      • Doing new projects
      • Meeting new people
      • Trying new experiences
      • Experimenting


  • Content
    • You have a stream of achievements to add to your resume
      • Success
        • What did you learn?
        • What worked?
      • Failures
        • What did you learn?
        • What worked?
    • You are familiar with a variety of topics thanks to your projects
      • Others don’t have it
      • Helps you stand out
      • Helps with creativity
      • Make new connections
      • Have new perspectives
    • You have experience to showcase to prospective partners
      • Employers
      • Project Leaders
      • Teammates
  • Experience
    • You manage to push yourself out of your comfort zone
      • Discover new locations
    • Acquire new skills
      • Some new superpowers!
    • Develop new perspectives
      • Understand other perspectives
    • More fertile ground for cross pollination
      • This is the secret of creativity

Your Turn

  • Make a bucket list of projects/achievements you want to complete
    • Make a list of milestones you want to achieve
    • Two CRAZY projects per year
    • Find allies on your journey
  • Track your progress in your journal

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